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We Build Real White Hat Links

Tired of digging in endless spreadsheets of high-quality DR90+ placements from “email” vendors?

Haha, we know that feeling

Guest posts

This service is a good old friend of yours, we’ll research and outreach English only sites by your requirements in order to arrange publications with predictable anchors links to your “money pages”.

  • Real Guest posts
  • Your target anchors
  • Links to money pages
  • For everyday usage
  • English Markets only 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦
  • We handle everything

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Why Us? Let me tell you...

Here are just 3 reasons…

It’s really that simple

Reason#1 Dedicated Link Building Team You Can Trust 

We’ve developed a well-optimized internal link building process that allows us to handle projects in time by following a white hat methodology.

Reason#2 We build white hat links with 100% genuine outreach

White hat link building is meant only for one purpose – to get you links that can’t be accurient in any other way than building relationships with publishers by providing a real value to their readers.  

Reason#3 Сustomer Focus and Digital Agencies Friendly 

We listen to what you have already done, suggest what steps need to be taken, and then executing on those steps. Especially if you run an agency and allways looking for extra help to fullfill all of your clients needs. 

Bring to you by Buzan Brothers:

Dan Buzan

Co founder

Defines the overall link building strategy, leads Contega's Sales and Marketing

Alex Buzan

Co founder

Coordinates the Link Outreach process, Project Management, Operations, Finance and Legal

Pricing for Link Outreach services


$ 2000

Per Month
  • DR: 20+
  • Relevance: +
  • Ahrefs traffic: 500+
  • Keywords: 500+
  • Anchor: natural
  • We’ll aim to build: at least 10 links on a constant basis
  • Strategy Planning: +
  • Competitor Analysis: +

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$ 4000

Per Month
  • DR: 20+
  • Relevance: +
  • Ahrefs traffic: 500+
  • Keywords: 500+
  • Anchor: natural
  • We’ll aim to build: at least 20 links on a constant basis
  • Strategy Planning: +
  • Competitor Analysis: +

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Easy to work with. Delivers what is promised.

Jussi Yli-KorhonenExecutive Country Manager,

Generated some great coverage for us in a short time, very pleased with the outcome

Steve RoseProduct Owner, Catena Media

Great freelancer that gets the blog outreach done on time and within budget. Will work with again. Thanks!

Andrei KurtuyCo-founder, Novorésumé

Let's check if we are a good fit for your White Hat needs

Just a quick test, let’s be perfectly honestly from the very begining. I find this aproach as an absolute must for our new clients.

Who is this for?

  • For SaaS companies that are leveraging content marketing for their growth
  • For businesses that create a valuable content but have no time or human resources to get better ranking for this content by getting natural backlinks
  • For Senior growth hackers, Marketers, SEO Head’s with expertise in link building and SEO
  • For those, who realize the actual value of white hat link building
  • For those, who wants links from B2B niche companies blogs for the max relevance

Who is White Hat Link Outreach NOT for?

  • For those who look for the cheapest link building service possible
  • Who never performed a white hat link building and seeks for a “magic bullet”
  • For those who expect to see top1 ranking overnight
  • For those who need anchor links with specific metrics for their service pages (if you need an exact anchor match and guaranteed metrics check our Guest Post Service)
  • For those who wake up at 3 a.m. to check if their new links appeared in Ahrefs
  • For those who want’s PBN’s, tiered link building, niche edits, web 2.0, link blasts, etc. There is nothing wrong with them, we just don’t provide such links.

Still with us? Wow, you rock, now check how we do it:

Check out this mindmap to learn more about how we manage White Hat Outreach!

Follow our guide to learn more about our link building process!

Learn more!

Examples of Links From Campaigns

All of these links comes under White Hat Link Outreach service

URL Niche Domain Rank Traffic, Similar Web Link Business, Startup 69 40K view Tech, IT 71 137k view E-learning 79 1.1m view Finance, Stocks 72 1.8M view Fashion, Luxury 62 360K view

Individual Links as part of a Guest Post Service

Sometimes you just need:

  • X number of anchor backlinks to your service pages
  • Not to be involved into the process due to lack of time
  • Predictable outcome within a mentioned TAT
  • Specifc SEO metrics for gained backlinks

Well, we have a good news for you, because our Guest Post Service is designed to solve such inquiries. It’s just a “shut up and take my money and gimme live links” kind of service.

DR 30-40

$ 180

Per publication
  • Domain Rating: 30-40
  • Traffic: 1000+ ahrefs
  • At least 1 dofollow link
  • Language: English
  • 1 quality, 500-word article
  • Strong niche relevance
  • High authority site

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DR 40-60

$ 240

Per publication
  • Domain Rating: 40-60
  • Traffic: 2000+ ahrefs
  • At least 1 dofollow link
  • Language: English
  • 1 quality, 700-word article
  • Strong niche relevance
  • high authority site
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DR 60+

$ 350

Per publication
  • Domain Rating: 60+
  • Traffic: 3000+ ahrefs
  • At least 1 dofollow link
  • Language: English
  • 1 quality, 1000-word article
  • Strong niche relevance
  • High authority site
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I'd like to advise Dan to be more consistent in the publishing process because there were delays, but overall, the job was done in time.

Artem RudenkoFounder at Apagraph and Ottofeller

They are easy to deal with, hard-working and exceptionally knowledgeable. Would highly recommend

Adam MatlinCOO & CMO at Think Protection

Fantastic work and help. Very communicative and reliable. Would highly recommend using for your SEO and backlink building projects.

Mackenzie ThompsonMarketing Director at NHCPS

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

We have two main services:

White Hat Link Outreach monthly plans – montly retainers for a complex mixture of white hat links and additional services such as overall strategy and extra support.

Individual links under 3 plans where we charge a fixed rate per each successful publication, they are structured by the amount of organic traffic (Ahrefs) and Domain Rank range, content included.

What type of links do you get?

We do:

  • Content Outreach 
  • Non paid Guest Posts
  • Niche Link Exchanges
  • Link Reclamation
  • Resource and Broken Links

We don’t provide:

Forum links, PBN’s, tiered link building, niche edits, web 2.0, link blasts, etc. There are nothing wrong with them if implemented right, don’t get me wrong, we just don’t provide these.

What keywords (anchor text) can you use?

For the White Hat Outreach we do not accept any anchor prefferences from the client side. Anchors will be mostly branded, natural looking or index links. It’s a genuine outreach and we can’t predict how will site owner wrap up the anchor text. If you need specific anchors to your target service pages you would find suitable our Guest Post Service.

Can I edit/approve the content/links before publishing?

We do not allow approving or editing our articles for White Hat Outreach, because content editing might cause various issues in terms of the overal process. We can reassure you that our content is а top-notch. Neither for our Guest Posting Service.

Will you publish on different websites?

A link building rule of thumb: 1 domain = 1 link. We keep the following equation in our process. Which means that we count only 1 link from 1 domain, every extra link that you’ll get from 1 domain for any reason we don’t count in the target amount of links acquired.

What if my article or link goes down?

As for articles, if it’s a new guest post on a particular site then we guarantee to replace or fix the article/link for 90-days after we have discovered the issues. It almost never happens because our process is genuine.

Can I choose the websites while WH Outreach?

Nope. We do not allow choosing websites when you’re ordering White Hat Outreach. This is because the process is 100% manual. We hand-pick websites that are relevant to your niche and then proceed to the outreach. We do not purchase placements here, hence can’t offer specific website placements. If you need to fully control your anchors and links then check out our Guest Post Service. 

Do you ever pay for links?

We do NOT pay for links with a direct approach like “hey, how much is your link, dear?”. There are a number of times where payment may be required for things like a sponsorship fee for a blogger for featuring our product review, all of this moments will be highlighted in the report for your consideration.

What niches you're working with?

  • SAAS

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We have used Contega for a range of different media campaigns and content campaigns. What separates them from the herd the hard work and punctuality. As their client, it's even hard for me to keep up with their hard work.

Jimmy NorinCEO,

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