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We Build Real White Hat Links

Tired of digging in endless spreadsheets of high-quality DR90+ placements from “email” vendors?

Haha, we know that feeling

Guest posts

This service is a good old friend of yours, we’ll research and outreach English only sites by your requirements in order to arrange publications with predictable anchors links to your “money pages”.

  • Real Guest posts
  • Your target anchors
  • Links to money pages
  • For everyday usage
  • English Markets only 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦
  • We handle everything

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Brand mentions

Brand mentions is all about enhancing  your brand awareness. Imagine your own “as seen in” section and make it real with the help of our dedicated PR team.

We’ll help to establish your credibility by mentioning your brand on authoritative sites.

It comes with probably best links you’ll ever get but it’s not its main point of this service.

  • High end publications
  • Natural looking links
  • Links to blog posts, resource pages
  • For branding purposes
  • Only for legit busineses (white niches)
  • We handle everything

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Why us? Let me tell you…

Looking for someone to do the proper link building for you? 

You’ve come to the right place, occasionally, and here are two reasons why. 

Reason#1 Real Link Builders you can trust 

My name’s Dan Buzan I’m the founder of Contega.meida and I have proven link building experience on Upwork, so you can actually check what they say about me and make sure that I’m real person and not some random person. 

I ran a 5 members team that have vast experience in guest posting and link acquisition campaigns. 

We have optimized our processes to make sure that we can handle everything on scale. 

We’re real and proved our work with use cases where we’ve achieved touchable results in organic traffic increase. Check out the ThinkProtection case and Sharearchiver progress for more insights. 

Reason#2 Our methods are 100% white hat and result oriented

You’ve probably know from Brian Dean’s link building service guide which types of services you need to avoid at any cost (Fiverr gigs, PBN’s, paid posts, submit links junk, press releases), if no then check it out.

Personally, everything that he claimed as harming, you can use for your good if implemented right. Truth is, it’s requires SEO niche knowledge which is not allways possible to learn at ease.

Here is my noob-friednly link building guide that describe where all of the fails comes from and SEO basics you need to know while initiating the very first link building attempt, try to find yourself in it. 

Point is that we use only white hat link building methods such as guest post outreach, when we prospecting, outreaching and negotiating placements for you at a fixed rate per successful placement.

Dan Buzan

Founder at

This is how we do it:

Follow these 3 steps to know how we manage our services here!

Get your account first

Sign into Contega Client Area which is powered by Service Provider Pro, so you can easily get in touch with our team and get started with our services.

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Contega media client area

Place the order with ease

Pick a service from the dashboard, fill in the brief with your campaign details and place the order, so we can back to you within the same business day.

Let’s double check everything

Once have confirmation of your order, we will contact you within our Client Area and message you directly on email to discuss the following points:

Mandatory details to complete your order

We will request within our Client area all of the info required such as Keywords for Anchors, Target URL’s, your special requirements, etc.

You can notice the “Submit Data” in your Client Dashboard this means that you owe us this data.

Who provides the content?

If you have picked our writing services then no approvals and checks needed, you’ll be notified once everything will be done. If you want to provide us with articles then our Project Manager will reach you thru Client Area and explain how the whole process works in terms of content requirements for each Link Building campaign.

Order details – OK, the content – Check! What next?

Find the “Working” status in your Client Area which means everything is OK and we have started the whole process and will keep you posted.

Stay tuned, you are on the halfway to your first Link building Campaign with Contega Media.

Here is our workflow for link outreach

After we received your order and double checked everything, we’ll start the process in the following way:

  1. Prospecting
  2. Outreach
  3. Publishing
  4. Reporting  

More details on the screen

Contega Link building Process

Get a detailed report

After finishing the project you will receive a full report with live links to published posts and all required SEO data.

Ready to start?

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Examples of Links From Campaigns

All of these links comes under Link Outreach DR 60+ service

URL Niche Domain Rank Traffic, Similar Web Link Business, Startup 69 40K view Tech, IT 71 137k view E-learning 79 1.1m view Finance, Stocks 72 1.8M view Fashion, Luxury 62 360K view

Bring to you by Bohdan "Dan" Buzan

A proven experience by 30+ successfully accomplished projects on Upwork with a stellar A+ rating.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

We have 6 plans to offer: first 3 is a fixed rate per each successful publication divided by the amount of organic traffic (Ahrefs) and Domain Rank range, and the other 3 are monthly plans with a complex mixture of links and additional services such as On-site SEO support.

What type of links do you get?

We are outreaching guest post opportunities, bloggers and contributions to high trusted sites. These 3 are our main targets. Additionally, there are contextual links from forum posts and directories that work great for link profile diversifying and available via monthly plans.

What keywords (anchor text) can you use?

We do not accept over-promotional keywords (e.g. “Buy Ford Fiesta in Chelsea”) – these are way too intrusive and will be taken down by the editor. Although we do provide an option to insert your preferred anchor text, we may have to change it if necessary. Make sure to vary your anchor text and diversify your target pages.

Can I edit/approve the content/links before publishing?

We do not allow approving or editing our articles. However, we’re happy to send you the content for your own record. This is because we know how content marketing works and use an individual approach when outreaching websites for placements, meaning that an article will never be about your brand/company. Articles are written for educational purpose where links to your website fit in naturally. Editing content or links can jeopardise this. Nevertheless, we can reassure you that our content is of very high quality.

Will you publish on different websites?

Absolutely! If you’re ordering more than 1 placement, we’ll always post each article on a different website. For example, if you’re ordering 6 placements, you’ll get 6 different articles published on 6 different websites/blogs/publications.

What if my article goes down?

We guarantee to replace or fix the article for 90-days after purchase. However, it almost never happens because our content is genuine, real and helpful.

Can I choose the websites while WH Outreach?

Nope. We do not allow choosing websites when you’re ordering White Hat Outreach. This is because the process is 100% manual. We hand-pick websites that are relevant to your niche and then proceed to the outreach. We do not purchase placements here, hence can’t offer specific website placements. If you need to fully control your anchors, links, and sites, have a look at our Link Acquisition services.

Do you ever pay for links?

We do NOT pay for links directly. However, there are a number of times where payment may be required for things like a sponsorship fee for a blogger for featuring our product review.

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