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Reached Top-3 by doing 5-6 links monthly in competitive B2B niche. It seems like a fairy tale, but here is a proof…

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  • Project Launch: October 2018
  • Project Status: In progress
  • Project duration: 6 months
  • Service: White Hat Link Outreach campaign

A lit bit more about the client service

Sharearchiver is a B2B solution that sets its main goal to help organizations migrate seldom accessed data to cheaper archive storage, delivering a huge reduction in utilized primary storage,  storage costs, backup, and better system performance.

In short, just imagine that you have tons of data that you still needed but for some legal purpose (reports for example), you’ll use them maybe one time per year but all of that time you’ll be needed to spend a lot to store this data. That’s a bummer, isn’t it?


That’s why solutions like Sharearchiver are needed because they help you to store all of your important data on the 3rd party cheaper servers with archives and you will still have an opportunity to access them in any time.


Why I’m mentioning all of that?

The whole point in SEO is to drive more relevant organic traffic to your business so you can have more leads and sales.

That’s why it’s must have to know who is the client’s buyer persona or call it fancier ICP.

What matter is that all of the link building and SEO in overall should be based on the specific needs of each niche. Taking into consideration the main client service and it’s value to its customers we have focused our link building campaign on the following keywords:

  • file archiving solution
  • file server archiving
  • file server archiving software
  • archiving solutions for file servers

Sharearchiver’s clients are from highly competitive B2B market like large construction and insurance firms. Therefore, the core thing here is that we need to drive traffic exactly to file server and solution keywords because every other niche related keywords are mostly niche general (archiving software) which is quite bad for conversion rate.

That’s why “the key is the right picked keywords”

That’s why before link building starts you need to double check your Keyword Strategy if you don’t want to get an irrelevant audience for your product or services. You can invest in SEO and after a while, you will realize that despite the organic traffic growth – the lead funnel is still on the same level if it’s not decreasing!

Total traffic is great factor for ranking but you always need to pay attention to keywords that actually brings you leads. In most cases such keywords are easy to determine by it’s PPC price:

35 bucks for a click, not bad, yeah?

In the same time, it doesn’t mean that you need to build links only for these keywords and that would be enough to get you a top rank.


You start from creating content for “Low Volume Low Difficulty keywords”, building links with branded and non-anchors to increase your DR. That will allow to arrange the first traffic to your site which is a great ranking factor that will help to uprank your middle difficulty keywords, so they can push to the top the most difficult but desirable keywords accordingly.

This is the gold process proven by time.

Now let’s check initial metrics on the starting point, middle progress and the current (May 2019) stats:

Start of work (October 2018)

All of the main keywords are chilling on the 2+ page

Middle progress (November-December 2018)

First movement starts, the overall number of keywords is growing as well

January-March 2019 stats

The overall picture is not promising, keywords volume unstable, specific ranking growth is hardly visible (we’re adjusting our link strategy, working on anchors proportions)

May 2019 stats

Well, that’s what I’m talking about, now everything is clear that we’re moving in the right direction.

Early June 2019 stats

From the 2nd page to the Top 1 ranking spot in the USA
From the 14+ spot to the Top 3, our “Mr.Pricey” keyword
From the 15+ spot to the Top 3

As you can see from the comments above each of our target keywords have successfully reached where their destinations and project is still riding to the TOP1 station.

How to achieve such results?

We were responsible only for link building here, so nothing from on-site SEO, content planning, SEO audit and keyword research (except the keyword that we used for link building) were implemented.

Even with sole white hat link building, we have managed to reach the top 3 for the target keywords by using only 5-6 genuine guest posts per month.

Our anchor’s proportions were 1 direct anchor such as “file server archiving solutions” to 2 non-anchors (check it here, go here, learn more) or branded anchors like “sharearchiver”.

For the overall link building strategy, we have used a strong mixture of white hat outreach links that we have arranged by the following steps:

Here’s what we did each month:

1) We scrapped the web manually to find the most relevant and valuable in terms of SEO link opportunities. Our best friends here are Google operators “” OR AND etc., Ahrefs Content Explorer, and Contega Top Secret link prospecting methods.

2) Then we conducted a list of every suitable placement option that we have found by our criteria  (35 DR+ 500+ organic traffic, dofollow) with their email addresses. We use Buzzstream to keep and manage all of the prospects + handle the outreach process.

3) We have reached out to every prospect from that list and said something along the lines of “top secret ancient Buddhist outreach template google brian dean white hat skyscraper“, “Here are 3 topics that will work for you, let me know which one is the best” – something like that.

4) Based on editors or webmasters picks we have launched the content creation. In some cases, the client has managed the content writing process, but most of the articles were provided by us.

5) After outreaching with the help of Buzzstream to each of the target prospects that agreed to our topics with our highly linkable articles, we got our link juice and composed a detailed report.

Samples of Link Outreach from the Sharearchiver campaign

URL Niche Domain Rank Traffic, Ahrefs Link Tech, IT 60 21,956 view Tech, IT 60 9,410 view Tech, IT 64 739 view Business, Startup 53 18,389 view Tech, IT 43 1,427 view

Not saying goodbye…

This showcase clearly describes that even with a very limited budget but with a well-planned approach where consistency is a must, top-3 goal for mid-range competitive keywords is more than achievable.

The project is still going, so you can come back later to see an update for July September 2019.

And here is a contact section of course

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