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How Does Pricing Work?

We have two main services:

White Hat Link Outreach monthly plans. These are monthly retainers for a complex mixture of whitehat backlinks and additional services, such as overall strategy support.

Guest Post backlink building service. For these, we charge a fixed rate for each successful publication. These are structured by the amount of organic traffic (Ahrefs) and domain rank range. Content is included.

What type of links do you get?

We provide:

  • Content Outreach
  • Non paid Guest Posts
  • Niche Link Exchanges
  • Link Reclamation
  • Resource and Broken Links

We don’t provide:

Forum links, PBNs, tiered link building, niche edits, web 2.0, link blasts, etc. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these, if implemented right. We just don’t provide them.

What keywords (anchor text) can you use?

We do not accept any anchor preferences from the client’s side for White Hat Outreach. Anchors will be mostly branded, natural-looking or index links. It’s a genuine outreach, so we can’t predict how the site owner will wrap up the anchor text. If you need specific anchors to your target service pages, you would find our barely cheap guest posting service more suitable.

Can I edit/approve the content and links before publishing?

We do not allow approving or editing of our articles for White Hat Outreach, because content editing might cause various issues in terms of the overall process. We can assure you, however, that our content is top notch.

Will you publish on different websites?

A whitehat link building rule of thumb: 1 domain = 1 link. We use this equation for our process, which means that we count only one link from one domain; we don’t count any extra links that you get from one domain, for any reason, in the target amount of links acquired.

What if my article or link goes down?

If it’s a new Guest Post on a particular site, we guarantee to replace or fix the article/link for 90 days after we have discovered the issues. However, this almost never happens because our process is precise.

Can I choose the websites with White Hat Outreach?

Nope. Sorry, but we do not allow you to choose the websites when you’re ordering White Hat Outreach. This is because the process is 100% manual. We hand-pick websites that are relevant to your niche and then proceed to the outreach. We do not purchase placements, so can’t offer specific website placements. If you need to fully control your anchors and links, then check out our Guest Post Service. 

Do you ever pay for links?

We do NOT pay for links directly by asking questions like “Hey, how much do you charge for links?” There are, however, a number of times where payment may be required. These include things like a sponsorship fee for a blogger featuring our product review. Any such incidents will be highlighted in the report for your consideration.

What niches do you work with?

  • SAAS