Fintech/Forex Trading Site Case Study

A top fintech website wanted to rank on top of organic search in the trading and investing industry, a very competitive and cutthroat niche.

Nonetheless, the site was optimized enough to rank at least on the first page of SERPs. The real challenge is to build white hat backlinks to help the site achieve its true potential.

The site owners gave the keys to us at Contega Media to build ethical links and propel the website to new heights – a very wise choice given our experience and the eventual results of our link building campaign!


White Hat Outreach, Guest Post Service

Updated: all of the screenshots and client data were removed because the case was too good to share (or not) 🙃

About Client

The site revolves around trading and investing. In particular, it tackles CFD (contract for difference) to help traders and investors make money from stock price movements even without owning a property or asset.

Behind the site are very passionate day traders whose love for stocks and Forex powers the honest and comprehensive content in the site. Therefore, you can expect that the resource materials in our client’s site are expertly crafted with care and thus contain immense value to readers who want to learn more about day trading.


As good as the website is, it’s not ranking high enough for its target keywords.

Before hiring us for help, the site was optimized to a tee. It was observing the best on-page SEO practices. Aside from the content being top notch, they had a clear keyword strategy in place that allows the pages to rank on organic search.

Also, the site already has an established link profile, which goes to show you that the owners are doing SEO on a very high level.

But as mentioned earlier, the investing and trading niches are some of the toughest and most difficult industries to rank for in SERPs. Therefore, whatever our client was doing at that point, it simply wasn’t enough to propel them to the next level.

In this case, our client’s website needed to ramp up their off-page campaign. Here, they must acquire natural backlinks that adhere to Google’s TOS on a consistent basis.

In the trading niche, it’s easy to fall to questionable link building techniques because some competitors who have the upper hand are doing it. But if there’s one thing that we know about Google, it penalizes these websites sooner or later. So, any type of link building tactic that’s not close to white hat is off the table.

However, getting new white hat backlinks every month proved to be this campaign’s toughest challenge. There is no way around it – our job was to secure them this type of links that will endure Google’s algorithm updates. And as difficult as that task sounds, we at Contega Media are more than up for the challenge.


For the next two years, we immersed ourselves in getting the best white hat backlinks we can find for our client’s site.

That meant looking for prospects with authoritative sites related to trading and investing and finding ways on how we can get backlinks from them. Next, we vetted the prospects to find websites that have the highest probability of giving us a backlink.

From there, we warmed up the prospects and got on their good side so we can build relationships with each. Then we struck while the iron is hot by sending a guest post proposal that they can’t say “no” to.

Our goal was to acquire ten (10) backlinks that meet the standards every month using our white hat link building process described above. However, to reach ten backlinks, we need to perform 5x our usual effort when getting these links. What this meant was we needed to work five times as hard to find five times more prospect than the usual.

Despite this seeming obstacle, we were able to persevere and deliver the links without a hitch!

Also, the client hired other link building agencies to help shore up with their off-page SEO campaign. However, the majority of total links built during our time working together came from our end.


After the two-year campaign we launched for the client site, we were able to manage and secure 250 backlinks from influential and relevant sites.

When it comes to ethical backlinks, what ultimately matters is the quality of the links. In this case, a single link of this type is much more powerful than hundreds and thousands of backlinks from low-quality sites that have nothing to do with trading.

Therefore, while 250 links may sound low, the effort and care that took for us to acquire them are all worth it.

Because at the end of the campaign, the site was able to grow its traffic value from $13k to $93k – an impressive 601% increase

In this case, traffic value refers to the average monthly cost of traffic when using PPC instead of organic search. Therefore, to equal the amount of traffic the website is getting, websites need to spend over $93k to achieve the same results. In your case, you spend way less to achieve those figures with our help!

More importantly, we were able to overtake not only our client’s competitors on SERPs but also Paypal for the keyword “buy stock with paypal.”

For context, the keyword generates 150 monthly searches. Currently, the page is attracting the most organic traffic for the site, according to Ahrefs. And it is because of our link building services that the site was able to get where they are now.

As you can see, we at Contega Media are more than capable of getting clients backlinks that move the needle. We don’t resort to shortcuts by using questionable grey hat methods and spammy links just to reach the monthly quote and appease clients. What we do is get sustainable links that help websites rank for their keywords regardless of any Google update in sight.

More importantly, we can work for as long as you need us. If you’re in it for the long haul, so are we.

Therefore, if you’re looking for link building services that deliver sustainable backlinks to rank your site higher on organic search, we at Contega Media are more than capable of getting the job done. 

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Percent growth increase in traffic value by Ahrefs


backlinks built in a span of two years (60% of its overall link profile)


Top keywords overtook from PayPal on SERPs

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