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Garth Vickers hired Contega Media to help ramp up his branding efforts. He has already appeared in mainstream media before but now wants to extend his reach online by building white hat links from content published on major publications. With our expertise in white hat outreach, we were able to secure ethical backlinks from online sites with business and startup owner readers. After getting links from those sites, Garth was able to multiply his traffic and CTRs.


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Garth Vickers is the CEO and President of Vickers Financial Group and Partner Managing Director of GV Accounting Firm. He is also a best-selling author, finance expert, and business mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.


Before reaching out to us at Contega Media, he has already been featured in mainstream media such as FOX News, CBS, The Huffington Post, and others. Still, Garth is fully aware of the value of branding by tapping on other channels to promote his brand. This is where we come in.


Our approach for this campaign was to include links to his blog posts relevant to content published on high-authority sites. By linking to his posts, we are able to add value to the content. By association, we intend to elevate Garth’s reputation and stock this way.

At the same time, we want to mention his name and business in the article naturally. Doing so allows us to introduce readers to Garth, what he does, and why they should care. Also, it provides a context to the link back to his site and gives readers a reason to click on it.

Finally, we want to target sites with a high readership in the African American community. Garth’s goals has always been to educate and instill a wealthy state of mind among black business owners and entrepreneurs.

Links Acquired

Taking all these details into account, we were able to acquire white hat backlinks from these sites:

YFS Magazine

SEO Metrics:

  • Similarweb Traffic – 
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics – 32.4k monthly traffic
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority – 69
  • Ahrefs Organic Traffic – 2.7k monthly

YFS Magazine, which stands for young, fabulous, and self-employed people, is a digital magazine that brings a “Fortune 500 simplified” approach to the world of entrepreneurship. The site mobilizes innovators and startup founders to share their experiences and help aspiring entrepreneurs reach the same level of success. 



  • Similarweb Traffic – 
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics – 875.4k monthly 
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority – 74
  • Ahrefs Organic Traffic – 106k monthly

Tech company Blavity was crucial in our campaign because it meets both his standards. Aside from receiving 1.6 million monthly visitors according to Similarweb, its key demographic are forward thinking Black millennials pushing the boundaries of culture and the status quo.



  • Similarweb Traffic – 1.6m visitors
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics – 815.2k monthly
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority – 78
  • Ahrefs Organic Traffic – 227k monthly

The Daily Press is an online publication based in Virginia that covers a variety of topic under unbiased and objective lenses.



  • Similarweb Traffic – 600k visitors
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics – 857.8k monthly
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority – 72
  • Ahrefs Organic Traffic – 423k monthly

EconoTimes is your one-stop source for insightful information about the global economy and financial markets. Its target audience are professionals looking to make sound financial and investment decisions.

Thrive Global


  • Similarweb Traffic – 1.8m visitors
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics – 1.3m monthly
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority – 84
  • Ahrefs Organic Traffic – 357k monthly

Thrive Global is a health and wellness website geared towards helping businesses and professionals from reaching their potentials without burning out. The site is founded by Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post.



  • Similarweb Traffic – 50k monthly
  • SEMrush Traffic Analytics – 
  • Ahrefs Domain Authority – 65
  • Ahrefs Organic Traffic – 7.4k monthly

If you’re on the lookout for the best curated news about business and finance, then Born2Invest is for you. This London-based digital magazine has a team of in-house writers and regular contributors who covers topics from industries like mining, investing, markets, and more.


After our campaign, Garth’s Vickers Financial Group website tripled its traffic. By acquiring white hat links from sites that generate over thousands and millions of visitors a month, we were able to drum up Garth’s business by exposing his brand to a greater audience.

If you’re looking to achieve the same for your financial website, then we at Contega Media are here to help. Our white hat outreach process allows us to build ethical backlinks to your site. This way, more people can find you online – whether they read up on content from authoritative sites related to your industry or search on Google.

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I would highly recommend working with Dan and his wonderful team. They are very knowledgeable with helping implement strategies that are very effective! I will be an ongoing client for sure. Thank you for securing the awesome publication for our brand as promised!

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